January 2022

I bet you never thought this would be one of your New Year’s Resolutions.

But it should be.

I love the start of a New Year! The whole celebration of it.. The food. The drinks. The decorations. The countdown. When the ball drops and Auld Lang Syne starts, I just get this warm, calming yet exciting feeling. And as I sway back and forth to the song,  I start to think about all the things I want to do in the upcoming year. I’m going to travel more. Join a gym. Visit family and friends. See Blake Shelton live in concert. 

I’m going to do all the things, right?

What I don’t usually think about is insurance. Weird, right? I mean, who isn’t thinking about insurance while clinking champagne glasses?! The answer is no one. No one is thinking about that.

The thing about the start of another year,is that most people restart in many areas of their lives. It can be about all the fun things, but it should also include the smart, safe things as well. The things that are protecting you daily but you don’t necessarily think about them that way.

That’s what your insurance is doing. Every day, your insurance is protecting the things that matter most to you. 

It’s taking on the risk so that you can sleep at night without worry! Over the course of a year, a lot of things can change. Maybe you’ve done some home improvements or refinanced. The kids are driving now or will start soon? Maybe a baby? Trade vehicles? Payoff a vehicle? Job change? Did you get a raise?

When life changes – whether big or small, your insurance program may need to change as well. 

How can Viking Insurance help?

-          Getting all the discounts! Who doesn’t love saving money? Bundling your insurance with one company typically is rewarded with discounts. Meet with your agent to discuss your current life situation, other discounts such as good student, low mileage, new roof or home improvements. This could save you money!

-          Do you have adequate coverage on your home? Maybe you’ve added on or replaced the roof? Have a discussion with your agent so that they will be able to do a cost analysis and ensure that your coverage is up to date!

-          Does your deductible make sense? Keep in mind, by raising your deductible just a little bit, you’re able to save money on your premiums.

-          Keep in mind that insurance not only protects the things, but it also protects the people you love! Having adequate life insurance and a plan for your future completes this process and gives you that peace of mind you’ve crossed the T’s and dotted the I’s. You’re keeping your house in order!

Let’s make this year your most protected year yet. 

By having your insurance in one place, we keep you organized. You’ll know who to call for answers to your questions about premiums, claims and servicing. Contact Viking Insurance today to set up a review! Whether you’re insured through us now or are wanting a second look at your current programs, Viking Insurance is here to start the New Year out right.