February 2022

14 Ways to Show Love.

February’s Blog is brought to you by the number 14.

February 14th, Valentine’s Day. The day of chocolate, hearts, and roses. A day spent sharing love with the people we love.

This got us thinking. While Valentine’s Day is the official day we celebrate, February is actually the MONTH of love. It’s a time for celebrating the importance of love in our lives. And not just with valentines and sweethearts, but it is also for loving yourself and nurturing connections with family and friends. 

The toughest part for me is that I never know how to truly do this! So this year I decided I was going to find a way AND help others do the same. I share with you the 14 Ways to “Show the Love!”

1.       Send a letter of thanks to your volunteer Fire Departments. They’re members of our community who take time away from their families, who answer the call to keep us safe. Let’s send them some love and words of appreciation!

Mayville Fire & Rescue

213 2nd Ave NE,  Mayville ND 58257

Portland Fire Department

618 Arnold Ave, Portland ND 58274

2.       Make homemade cards for family and friends. Personalize the note with a fun memory or favorite time you spent with them. Decorate the envelope and mail it on a random day. 

3.       Donate to the May-Port Food Pantry. Some of the most needed items are peanut butter, cereal, soup, pasta, healthy snacks and milk. Non-food items include deodorant, razors, toilet paper, tampons, toothpaste, shower gel, and shampoo. Contact them to find out what they are short of this month and any volunteer opportunities open. A family in need feels the love with every donation!

703 Helen Ave, Portland ND 57274


 4.       Call someone you haven’t spoken to in a while. Don’t text. Don’t message on Facebook. Call them. Ask them how they are and what they’ve been up to. Tell them how much they mean to you and that you’ve been thinking of them.

 5.       Help the Mayville Public Library with their fundraising efforts. This can be by donating books or done monetarily. You can also attend the next “Love Your Library Book Sale”,  February 15 – 25, where everything you put in a bag is just $5.

 6.       Take someone special to a movie! The Delchar Theater is a great place with amazing popcorn! Or buy tickets for a family you love. Make it a double family date and join them! Visit their website for upcoming shows! Visit their website   www.delcharmovies.com

 7.       Take an hour or a day for YOU. Get pampered with a massage or a mani-pedi. Take a nap. Find a quiet space and read a book. Take a drive with no destination in mind and listen to your favorite radio station. Just do YOU.

 8.       Make time for our seniors. Contact the Luther Memorial Home for any volunteer opportunities during their activities times or special events. Send a note to a resident. Become a pen pal.

750 Main St East, Mayville ND 58257


 9.       Offer to run errands for a family member, neighbor, or friend. The cold can make it hard for some to get around. Maybe they want a treat from Millers’ grocery store or a fresh-baked goody from Soholt Bakery.

10.   Take a meal or send a pizza to a family that has a spouse or parent serving in the military. Pizza Shop pizza offers frozen take and bakes! B&B Family Restaurant, Paula’s Café, and LaCantina Mexican Restaurant would do great to-go orders for you.

11.   Bake cookies! Leave the kitchen a mess until the next day. Eat the cookie dough, in moderation of course. Bake them in funny shapes. Hey! Have fun!

12.   Treat your teachers! Set up a “candy bar” in their break room with a variety of fun, individually packaged candies and treats.

13.   Enjoy coffee and conversation with a friend. Turn off your phones, sit back and relax. Back Alley Coffee has a warm, friendly atmosphere and of course great coffee! Pick up gift cards while you’re there for the coffee lovers in your life.

21 Main St SW, Mayville ND 58257


14.   Last, but not least…SMILE. Smile at a stranger and say Hi! Hold the door for the person behind you. Talk to a manager about the great service. Wave to a neighbor. Tell the people you love, “I Love You” and do it often.

 With Love, from Viking Insurance and Realty

Viking Insurance and Realty also wants to say to all of our customers, friends, family, and neighbors – we appreciate you! Thank you for your support over the years. We have loved being a part of this tight-knit community and can’t believe how lucky we are to call this place home. We look forward to seeing all of the love shared in February and throughout 2022!